Pothole politics: Khon Kaen villagers pave the way to safer travels

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Villagers of Ban Rak Chat in Khon Kaen, have taken matters into their own hands to repair their deteriorating village road, which has become riddled with potholes and hazards, making travel perilous and causing frequent accidents.

Several dozen locals banded together to break and drill through the sunken concrete road, which had been eroded over time, impeding safe passage, especially at night when deep potholes were less visible.

The village head, Payung Seekhamme shared that at a recent village meeting, residents of Ban Rak Chat discussed the urgent need to repair the concrete road. The consensus was for each household to contribute funds according to their ability to purchase necessary materials like CPAC concrete, stones, and sand.

Additionally, residents agreed to volunteer their labour to excavate the existing concrete and level the surface before pouring new concrete. This collective decision received unanimous support from the community.

The villagers have already begun the repair work, targeting specific areas of the road. Generous donations have amassed a total of 8,500 baht. The road’s damage stems from water erosion, which failed to drain properly into the stormwater system, causing sections of the road to collapse and inconveniencing residents for over a year.

The primary goal of this community effort is to ensure the road is safe and functional before the rainy season exacerbates the damage.

Payung expressed his gratitude for the unity and cooperative spirit displayed by the villagers in tackling this pressing issue. He noted that the village had previously requested funding from relevant Thai authorities to repair the road but received uncertain responses regarding budget availability.

Fearing further accidents and increased damage, the villagers decided to take immediate action to address the problem, reported KhaoSod.

This grassroots initiative highlights the challenges faced by rural communities in maintaining infrastructure and the innovative solutions they employ when external support is delayed or unavailable.

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