APEC tourism summit: Thailand to revamp Asia-Pacific tourism

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Thailand has unveiled its ambitious plans for the 12th Tourism Ministerial Meeting (TMM12) of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, set to take place in the Republic of Peru from June 5 to 9.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri announced that this crucial summit will focus on acknowledging and endorsing the progress made under the APEC Tourism Working Group (TWG) Strategic Plan 2020 to 2024, while setting the stage for future tourism cooperation across member economies.

The Thai Cabinet has greenlit three key documents for adoption at the meeting:

  1. Draft Statement of the 12th APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting (TMM12);
  2. Draft Policy Recommendations on Prevention of Food Loss and Reduction of Food Waste in the Asia-Pacific Region; and
  3. Draft Concept Paper on APEC Platform for Promotion of Tourism Cooperation Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region.

“The Draft Statement calls for innovative solutions to address challenges in the tourism sector and promote sustainable tourism.”

Radklao further explained that the Draft Policy Recommendations stem from a Peruvian research project aimed at bolstering APEC principles through tangible actions. Meanwhile, the Draft Concept Paper proposes a new platform for managing tourism data, enhancing international cooperation, and improving the efficiency of tourism resource management for sustainable development across the region.

These documents signify a collective commitment to rejuvenating regional tourism, fostering inclusive economic growth, and ensuring sustainability. Thailand’s active participation in TMM12 will undoubtedly elevate its international standing in tourism development, reported Pattaya Mail.

Radklao emphasised the transformative impact of Covid-19 on the tourism industry, highlighting a shift towards sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

“New technologies and innovations will be at the forefront of discussions to tackle current challenges.”

The Thai Government, in collaboration with relevant agencies, is prepared to support APEC’s initiatives, aiming to create employment opportunities and distribute revenue to local communities through sustainable tourism and community engagement.

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