sustainable tourism

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    Four tips to make your next holiday more environmentally friendly

    Being an eco-friendly traveller can pose its challenges, yet with growing concerns for the environment, it becomes evermore important to consider one’s impact during holidays. Tourism often comes with a negative impact on local environments, as seen in Maya Bay on Thailand’s Phi Phi Leh island, where growing visitor numbers led to significant strain on its natural habitats. However, there…

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    Biodiesel and used cooking oil set to fuel sustainable aviation industry

    Biodiesel, which is a combination of diesel and palm oil-derived methyl ester, as well as previously discarded used cooking oil, is now competing to revolutionise the aviation industry. These two oils can be processed to create sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), an eco-friendly biofuel for aircraft. Many companies are keen to produce SAF as airlines become increasingly aware of its potential…

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    Trang governor reveals plans to develop Koh Kradan, the ‘best beach on earth’

    Plans are in the pipeline to develop Thailand’s Koh Kradan. Trang province’s governor, Kajornsak Charoensopha, on Wednesday, revealed plans to develop Koh Kradan into a major tourist spot. The move comes after the island was named the best beach on earth in the Top 100 Beaches on Earth by the UK’s World Beach Guide. The governor announced plans aimed at…