Angry Thai man stabs wife to death after dispute over saving water

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An angry Thai husband stabbed his wife to death at their home in the northern province of Mae Hong Sorn. The man was reportedly angry after the woman advised him to conserve the water for the upcoming dry season. Police officers and locals are now on the hunt for the murderer who fled into the forest after the incident.

Officers from Pai Police Station were notified about the murder yesterday at about 10.30am and rushed to the couple’s residence in the Moo Baan Santichon Community in the Pai district of Mae Hong Sorn. The community is home to Thai citizens who are of Yunnan Chinese descent.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the dead body of a 55 year old woman named Seo Wu outside her front door. Officers reported that Seo Wu had been stabbed multiple times in her right thigh and lost a lot of blood.

After questioning neighbours, officers found out that the murderer was her husband, 56 year old Jingfei Saeliw. Prior to the attack, the couple had a dispute regarding water usage. Seo Wu asked her husband to stop watering the plants due to concerns that the water supply may not suffice for their needs during the upcoming dry season.

Jingfei became furious and suddenly stabbed his wife with a knife. After realizing that his wife had passed away, he fled into the forest near the community.

The police searched the couple’s home and found drugs which they believe belong to Jingfei.

Officers and residents then set out to search for Jingfei. Police are concerned that he may attempt suicide to escape prosecution. However, police believe that they will apprehend the suspect soon as he has no money and has not had any food since yesterday.

Moo Baan Santichon Community is a popular attraction for both Thai and foreign tourists who desire to experience Thai-Yunnan Chinese culture. Visitors can stay in traditional Yunnan clay houses, try the tea, and enjoy a traditional Yunnan swing.

Siamrath reported last year that residents of Moo Bann Mae Sakuet faced a water shortage during the dry season and the authorities had to send a water truck to the area.

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