Ajinomoto’s secret to doubling Thai farmers’ yields

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Ajinomoto FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Ajinomoto FD Green), a leading eco-friendly enterprise and subsidiary of the renowned Ajinomoto Group, is making waves in sustainable agriculture by empowering Thai farmers. Through their innovative Thai Farmer Better Life Partner project, now in its fourth year, they aim to revolutionise cassava and coffee farming.

Ajinomoto’s initiative, part of its global 2030 sustainability strategy, seeks to foster a thriving social and environmental ecosystem via the Ajinomoto Biocycle initiative. The core of this project is the Farm School model, designed to educate cassava and coffee growers with cutting-edge cultivation techniques and knowledge.

Cassava, Thailand’s third-largest agricultural product, faces a significant production decline despite its growing global demand. The yield dropped from 33.5 million tonnes in 2015 to an estimated 24.7 million tonnes last year. Similarly, coffee production plummeted from 37,992 tonnes in 2014 to 16,575 tonnes in 2023. Factors such as soil and water management, cutting selection, and disease control are crucial to reversing these trends.

Dr Kohei Ishikawa, President of Ajinomoto FD Green, stated that in alignment with their 2030 global strategy to halve environmental impacts, the company is dedicated to supporting sustainable farming.

“The Thai Farmer Better Life Partner project enhances farmers’ skills and potential through comprehensive support, from sustainable cassava farming to expanding our focus to coffee farmers.”

This year, the initiative targets 1,570 households across five provinces: Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan, Tak, Loei, and Chiang Rai. The Farm School programme integrates an Online-to-Offline (O2O) approach, combining online resources with practical learning. Farmers can visit Field Test plots showcasing various agricultural techniques, including soil amendment and fertilizer use.

Thanin Suralert, a village head and leader of the farmer group in Hua Chanok Village, reported that his farm’s yield has more than doubled after participating in the project.

“This project has helped cassava farms in Klong Khlung District become 100% free from mosaic disease.”

Ajinomoto FD Green continues to expand its sustainable practices, prioritising quality and fair pricing, creating a positive cycle for everyone involved, reported ThaiPR.net.

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