Holy scandal: Monk nabbed for drug dealing and sexual activities

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A monk was arrested yesterday for his involvement in drug trafficking at a famous temple in Samut Prakan, he confessed to selling the drugs and engaging in sexual activities inside and outside the temple.

Acting on a tip-off Police Major General Thiti Saengsawang led a coordinated operation to arrest the monk, 35 year old Weera, who was found with 13.2 grammes of crystal methamphetamine, six syringes, a mobile phone, and 6.6 grammes of ketamine.

The arrest occurred at a temple in Phra Samut Chedi, Samut Prakan. According to an informant, Weera was secretly selling drugs to local youths and engaging in same-sex activities within the temple premises. Following this information, the police set up a sting operation to purchase crystal methamphetamine from Weera.

After the informant handed over the purchased drugs to the police, authorities moved in to arrest Weera. Upon searching his living quarters, police discovered the crystal methamphetamine, alongside drug paraphernalia and the marked money used in the sting operation.

Police also found a mobile phone containing explicit images and messages discussing same-sex activities. Additionally, they discovered various items used in sexual activities, including lubricant gel, unused condoms, women’s clothing, and masks.

Weera confessed to selling drugs within the temple and admitted to engaging in sexual activities both inside and outside the temple, explaining that he would sometimes leave the temple for these activities. He often got picked up by friends who would drive him to various nightspots where he would change into civilian clothes.

The police investigation revealed that Weera purchased the crystal methamphetamine from an individual named Bee. Authorities instructed Weera to arrange another drug purchase in an attempt to locate its source.

Following the arrest, authorities escorted Weera to formally leave the monkhood before transferring him, along with the seized drugs, to the Khlong Suan Police Station for further legal action. The police are now focusing on apprehending Bee to face legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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