After 23 years, TikTok user finds her birth mother through Facebook

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After a relentless, 23-year pursuit, a Thai TikTok user, known as @kualanut2543, finally found her birth mother. Today, the woman explained her long journey, carried by the hope of seeing her mother’s face for the first time despite her doubts about whether her mother would recognise her. Overcoming her fears, she made the move, opening her up to a whirlwind of emotions.

The woman recounted her life-long dream and constant search for her mother. Her persistent search eventually led to her discovering her mother’s name on Facebook. However, after adding the latter as a friend two years ago, she received no response. Yet, today marked the end of her wait when her mother finally accepted her invitation on Facebook.

It was a wave of emotions that left her tears falling and her hands trembling. She was unsure how to approach the situation, and where to even start, but she knew if she didn’t reach out, she’d add another day to the 23 years of waiting.

She weighed in on her thoughts, wondering if her mother would accept her as her daughter, remember her, or have forgotten her entirely. Two decades is a long time, but she was soon hit with a surge of happiness as her mother remembered everything about her, a feeling like never before.

She acknowledged the uncertainty on whether they would ever meet one-on-one, but the joy in knowing that her birth mother had accepted her gesture was overwhelming. Even though they had never seen each other before, she expressed a love that had thrived throughout this period.

“But I know that this child has never been ashamed to have this mother, even though we’ve never seen each other’s faces, but I love the mother a lot from the past,” she said in a video shared on her TikTok account.

This experience showcases the power of social media platforms like TikTok in aiding personal journeys, making impossible stories possible, and conjuring emotions that many could only dream of experiencing.

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