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Students suffer minor injuries after apparent wild elephant attack on Doi Mon Jong trail

A popular trail in the Doi Mon Jong ranges has been closed indefinitely after a female student was attacked by at least 2 wild elephants. The trail is about 4 hours out of Chiang Mai and reaches one of the ten highest peaks in Thailand.

The chief of the Omkoi wildlife sanctuary, Navee Silsuphakul, says that the trail, opened for nature studies until at least February 14, would be closed for the safety of trekkers and campers after it was discovered that several elephants have been wandering close to the trail in search of food.

The female student sustained bruises. She and her boyfriend were camping at a site on the Doi Mon Jong nature trail. They told park staff that, at about 1am, they heard “strange noises outside their tent”. The tent was ripped away and the student describes “instant pain in her chest and right arm”. The couple’s camping equipment was also damaged in the apparent attack.

The next morning porters were able to find traces and tracks from two elephants they believe were responsible for the attack on the camping area.

The two students managed to trek back to Ban Poo Ling village where the track starts on the nature study. The students were then taken to the Omkoi district hospital for treatment. She was treated for bruising and muscle pain but were otherwise allowed to go home.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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