Worker fatality sparks investigation at Pathum Thani convenience store

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In a shocking incident, a 43 year old convenience store worker was found dead behind the store after an intense day of work. His co-workers, who discovered the body, state he previously complained of being tired due to his dual role as a cashier and delivery driver. The unexpected death occurred in Sam Khok, Pathum Thani, prompting a hurried investigation by local officials.

Today, Officer Watcharapong Tianpratum, a special investigating officer at Sam Khok Police Station, was alerted about the death in a local convenience store situated in the Bang Toey sub-district. Upon receipt of the information, Officer Watcharapong swiftly arrived at the scene, accompanied by a Portektueng Foundation ambulance crew and a forensic doctor from the Ministry of Justice, reported KhaoSod.

At the scene, situated within the convenience store premises at the rear, the body of the deceased, Prapah, was discovered lying next to the store’s back door. He was wearing his store uniform including gloves. A forensic investigation was quickly carried out and photographic evidence was obtained.

Upon inspection, Prapah’s co-worker was invited to give a preliminary statement at Sam Khok Police Station, to establish a clearer picture concerning the cause of death. The body was then transported by Portektueng Foundation to the forensic department at Thammasat Hospital.

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It came to light in the interviews with his co-workers that both the deceased and the informer were working the night shift. They also shared that the deceased, who was handling cash transactions at the store as well as playing the role of a delivery driver, was overwhelmed with exhaustion and walked behind the store. Following some time, his prolonged absence aroused suspicion, leading his colleague to go out back and discover Prapah deceased by the rear entrance. Consequently, the police were notified to investigate the matter.

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