Long neglect of Huay Phak reservoir ends with clean-up efforts to boost tourism

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Following a 15-year period of struggle, locals in Ratchaburi acclaimed the arrival of machinery from the province’s administrative organisation to remove invasive plants from the Huay Phak reservoir. The primary aim is to promote future tourism, optimising the area’s natural beauty.

Today, provincial governor, Wiwat Nitigarnjana, accompanied by provincial representative Boonying Nitigarnjana, visited the reservoir to inspect the ongoing machinery efforts to remove the unwanted vegetation. Included on this tour were the local governor and community leaders of Suan Phueng.

According to a local resident, 68 year old Sommai Thananworachai, the Huay Phak reservoir was once a transparent water hole that attracted many local residents to utilise it. In recent years, excessive plant growth transformed the pristine waters to an unusable marsh, negatively affecting the overall landscape.

No authority had undertaken excavation or cleaning of the reservoir for over 15 years, leaving the area abandoned and ignored. Consequently, the local residents were overjoyed with the provincial administrative organisation’s help in clearing the plantains and enhancing the landscape. Residents are now eager to utilise the waters for agriculture and livestock, providing a lifeline to the community, KhaoSod reported.

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Governor Wiwat revealed requests via local authorities Boonying and the province administrative organisation to aid clearing work in the Huay Phak reservoir. His initiative was informed by a lack of cleaning efforts conducted in over fifteen years. Governor Wiwat commanded the provincial engineering office to deploy a long-armed excavator and a pontoon boat to clear the whole reservoir.

Finally, arrangements were made with local government organisations and related units to beautify the surroundings and promote the location as a prospective tourist destination. Plans are in place to utilise the reservoir as a relaxation spot and a key tourist attraction in the province in the upcoming future.

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