Mother and daughter forced to sell home due to neighbour who won’t stop singing

PHOTO: Thai Residents

A mother and daughter in the central province of Nonthaburi, just west of central Bangkok, are being forced to sell their home in an attempt to get away from their neighbour’s incessant singing. Thai Residents reports that 50 year old Somthop, and her 25 year old daughter, Kanchana, are now advertising the fact that the property “comes with a free singer”.

Their neighbour, 41 year old Saksit, runs a food business from his home, but when he has no customers he likes to sing and play his guitar. He says his music makes him happy and claims no other neighbours have complained, adding that food delivery drivers have praised his singing voice.

He claims the issues with Somthop and her daughter began a year ago, when the women purchased a new speaker and turned it up full. When he asked them to lower the volume so as to not bother his pregnant wife, a row started, and, well, things have been tetchy between the neighbours since. Saksit says he plans to enter a singing competition next year and has prepared 51 songs in anticipation. He took part in a 2019 competition, but failed to progress, blaming that on the wrong song choice.

Meanwhile, Somthop and Kanchana say they’ve filed a police report against the neighbour twice and, while the police have tried to mediate, the singing goes on, and on, and on.

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The women have resorted to advertising the fact that a singer will be thrown in for free with the sale of their home.

“The house comes with a free singer with the ability to play the guitar non-stop, no one can sleep.”

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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