Thailand on track for 10 million tourists despite low season

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) anticipates that by the end of this month, Thailand will have welcomed 10 million foreign tourists, with at least 2 million visitors per month expected during the low season.

TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn stated that Thailand has consistently recorded over 50,000 arrivals daily, indicating that the monthly minimum rate of 2 million visitors during the low season is achievable.

As a new government is being formed, the TAT is optimistic that the incoming prime minister will help develop tourism by promoting fair distribution in the tourism supply chain. Currently, only certain groups, primarily large players, are benefitting from the growth in tourism. Inclusive growth, along with plans to attract high-quality tourists and increase the length of stays, would also enhance the country’s competitiveness.

Regarding the visa application process for Chinese tourists, Yuthasak confirmed that the limit remains at 84,000 approvals per day. All relevant authorities are working to resolve this issue, communicating with Chinese agents through TAT’s China offices to ensure they are well-prepared with the necessary documents to expedite the approval process.

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Yuthasak expressed hope that these obstacles will be overcome by the third quarter or by August, as the high season for the Mice (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) segment is fast approaching. TAT maintains its target of receiving 5 million Chinese tourists this year, as many independent travellers are also arriving via the visa-on-arrival channel, coupled with a significant increase in flight capacity throughout the year.

Yesterday, TAT signed a memorandum of understanding on promoting net zero tourism with the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization and Thairath. The agreement aims to foster collaboration in the tourism industry towards sustainable tourism goals, focusing on supply chain development and raising awareness through seminars.

Yuthasak stated that TAT hopes to establish a tourism carbon exchange market by 2030, allowing operators to buy and sell carbon credits to achieve the net zero tourism objective, reports Bangkok Post.

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