Qantas apologises for app glitch revealing user travel details

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An apology was issued by Qantas, the Australian airline, due to a technology issue with its mobile application, which resulted in the exposure of users’ travel details such as their names, flights, and points.

The apology followed media reports hinting at a data breach in the app used by frequent flyers, which inadvertently gave users access to other passenger’s travel information.

Qantas remarked in an official statement that customers were impacted by the Qantas app issue this morning, which has now been resolved, We tender our apologies. Numerous local media sources, quoting Qantas customers, revealed that some users had access to the complete travel information of strangers, with at least one user having the capability to cancel another person’s tickets.

“It appears that a technology issue, possibly linked to recent system changes, was the cause based on our current investigations, At this point in time, there is no sign of a cyber security incident.”

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Despite the airline’s claims of fixing the app, some users reported that the glitch was still present. Qantas verified that some frequent flyers did indeed see other users’ travel details, including names, details of upcoming flights, points balance, and status.

The airline clarified, that no further personal or financial information was shared, and it would have been impossible for customers to transfer or use the Qantas Points of other frequent flyers. The airline also mentioned that we have no knowledge of any customers travelling with incorrect boarding passes.,reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, the Airports of Thailand (AoT) disclosed plans to elevate Suvarnabhumi International Airport into the league of the world’s top 50 airports within a year and subsequently to the top 20 by 2028.

This announcement was made by AoT Director Kirati Kijmanawat. The director shared that Suvarnabhumi Airport currently ranks 58th in Skytrax’s World’s Best Airport Rankings for 2024, a significant improvement from its 68th position the previous year.

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