Imported goods: Thailand bolsters measures to safeguard local businesses

Photo: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul/ Bangkok Post.

The Thai Industry Ministry is intensifying its measures to thwart the entry of low-priced, inferior imported goods into Thailand in the forthcoming six months, to safeguard local businesses and consumers.

The measure comes on the heels of a report highlighting the negative impact of such low-quality imported goods on Thai entrepreneurs across various sectors and consumers, according to Industry Minister Pimphattra Wichaikul. While she did not elaborate on the nations from which these goods were imported, she broadly attributed them to “neighbouring countries.”

Pimphattra Wichaikul directed the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) to join forces with the Customs Department in assessing the quality of imported goods, particularly those falling under TISI’s supervision.

“We set a target to remove all substandard products from the domestic market within six months.”

Some 143 products, which are under the purview of TISI, will undergo inspection and certification to ascertain their quality and safety standards, stated Wanchai Phanomchai, acting secretary-general of the TISI.

In addition to imposing stricter regulations on imported goods, the institute also intends to reinforce the inspection of products sold both in the market and through online platforms.

Importers who persist in importing inferior goods may face a maximum imprisonment term of two years and/or a fine reaching up to 2 million baht, as per TISI guidelines. Domestic traders found culpable of selling these goods could potentially face a six-month prison term and/or a fine of up to 500,000 baht, reported Bangkok Post.

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) had earlier urged authorities to address the surge of cheap Chinese imported goods by offering protection to local businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The FTI mentioned that many SMEs, grappling to recover from the pandemic’s impact and a liquidity crunch, need protection from the market being swamped by imported substandard goods.

The federation underscored that countermeasures against inferior imported goods should be a focal point of Minister Pimphattra’s term. On her first day in office, September 7, the minister pledged to provide better support to SMEs and promote a new electric vehicle incentive package to attract more foreign investment.

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