Escalator accident: Young boy loses finger, sparking safety concerns in Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod.

A heart-wrenching incident occurred involving a young child who tragically lost a finger due to an accident on an escalator in a shopping mall. The mother of the child shared the unfortunate event in the News to the Rangsit Residents group, seeking any evidence or witness accounts from the day of the accident.

The unfortunate escalator accident happened on October 7, and the mother pleaded for assistance.

“Could anyone in this group help me, please? My child went to [shopping mall] with his father and me. The incident happened last Saturday. Does anyone have a photo or video of a man holding a bleeding child?

“Unfortunately, my child’s finger was caught in the escalator at [shopping mall], and it severed his finger. He’s only four years old. If anyone has a photo or video, please send it to me.”

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The escalator accident has sparked widespread concern and questions about how such an accident could occur, specifically involving the child’s hand, which is an unusual occurrence. Some witnesses at the scene have reported that the incident was an accident, leading to speculations about how the child might have fallen. Past incidents involving escalators have raised concerns among the public, leading to warnings about their usage, especially among curious and active children reported KhaoSod.

Parents have shared similar experiences, with one saying that their grandchild almost lost a finger due to their restless nature. A momentary lapse of caution and their inherent curiosity led to the child reaching out and causing danger. This incident serves as a stark reminder for parents to always ensure the safety of their children.

Finger found

In related news, Bukkhalo Station Police are investigating a deeply unsettling case involving the discovery of a human finger in a warehouse bathroom located in Thonburi.

This distressing incident took a sinister turn when surveillance camera footage unveiled a potential suspect on a motorcycle who had entered the premises and traces of blood were subsequently detected at the scene.

The gruesome finding of a human finger, placed inside a lone wastebasket, coupled with the discovery of blood smears at three different spots within the warehouse, has understandably triggered a full-scale and urgent investigation. Read more about the story HERE.

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