Daring daylight theft in Chon Buri: Over 50,000 baht worth of goods and motorbike stolen

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A daring theft was carried out by an unidentified man in Chon Buri province, who seized an opportunity to steal a motorbike with the key left in the ignition by a delivery rider. The incident, which took place next to Pattaya Park Night Market yesterday, resulted in the loss of the Honda Wave 125 motorbike and 107 customer packages worth over 50,000 baht (US$1,372).

The victim, 33 year old Pruet Bangdee, reported the theft to local police, providing a detailed description of the thief and the stolen motorbike, a white and black Honda Wave 125, with the registration number 1 กศ 8677 Chon Buri.

Pruet was delivering over 100 customer packages, all stashed in the bike’s side bag. While delivering a package to a client, Pruet left the bike unattended with the key still in the ignition, reported KhaoSod.

When he returned, the bike was gone.

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“I was gone for just a short while. When I came back, the bike was gone.”

Reviewing CCTV footage, Pruet discovered that a tall, thin man in black clothing had been lurking around his bike. When the coast was clear, the man nonchalantly started the bike and sped off.

Understandably frustrated, Pruet lamented the loss of his vehicle and the 107 customer packages.

“I’m very upset. I need my bike for work and now all these customer packages are gone.”

Pruet promptly reported the theft to Lieutenant Colonel Sanan Kotanon, Deputy Investigation Officer of Pattaya City Police Station, providing the CCTV footage as evidence. The police are now on the hunt for the audacious thief and have vowed to bring him to justice, reported KhaoSod.

In March, Pattaya Police arrested a Thai woman for stealing a motorcycle from a foreigner in Pattaya. The opportunist thief grabbed the chance to steal the motorbike while the foreign man parked his motorcycle to vomit on the roadside. to read more click HERE.

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