Thailand Consumers Council to bolster consumer protection law with political factions

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With an aim to fortify consumer rights, the Thailand Consumers Council (TCC) is set to engage in discussions concerning consumer protection law with multiple political factions. This dialogue is spearheaded by TCC’s deputy secretary-general, Ittaboon Onwongsa.

Born from a dire need to address consumer protection issues, the initiative is a strategic move towards ensuring that consumers are adequately shielded from market malpractices. These discussions are expected to shed light on the existing flaws in the law and to collectively brainstorm on the potential amendments to render the law more effective.

The law, which primarily focuses on consumer rights protection, has been a subject of debate for quite some time. Critics argue that the current legislation lacks the teeth needed to safeguard consumers effectively. They further contend that the law needs to be more comprehensive and robust to shelter consumers from unscrupulous market practices.

Ittaboon Onwongsa, who is driving this initiative, is known for his commitment to consumer rights. This planned discussion is seen as a significant step in his ongoing efforts to augment the consumer protection law.

The TCC is positive that these dialogues will bring about meaningful reforms in the existing law, thus enhancing consumer protection in Thailand. By engaging various political groups, the TCC hopes to gather diverse perspectives on the matter, thereby ensuring a more comprehensive approach to the issue, reports Bangkok Post.

These discussions are expected to commence soon, according to the TCC. The council believes that these discussions will be pivotal in bringing about significant reforms in the consumer protection law, significantly enhancing its effectiveness.

Meanwhile, while protection remains a concern, consumer confidence is on the rise. Last month saw a rise in consumer confidence following the swift establishment of a new government, although concerns about the high cost of living and the sluggish global economy remain. The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) revealed that the consumer confidence index rose to 56.9 from 55.6 in July.

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