Genders separate at field hospital after alleged orgies, drugs

PHOTO: Men and women to have separate zones in field hospital. (via CCSA)

After allegations were revealed yesterday of rampant sex, fights, and drug use in a field hospital in Samut Prakan province just south of Bangkok, the facility will separate men from women.

The Samut Pra Ruamjai 5 houses around 1,000 patients currently being treated for Covid-19 infections. Stories emerged of patients there engaging in group sex, doing illicit drugs, and event fights breaking out that resulted in injuries.

The decision was made by provincial health authorities to separate genders and create male zones and female zones to try to restore order to the field hospital, located in the Banag Pla sub-district of Bang Phli district.

The patients who were reported to have participated in orgies, fights or drug abuse were all firmly cautioned that any repeats of the offending behaviour will earn them a transfer to a different medical facility.

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Officials at the field hospital filed a complaint about the patients’ inappropriate actions prompting local administration officials and police to come to investigate the matter. They reviewed CCTV footage and searched the areas that groups of men and women had been seen to be congregating but did not find any illegal drugs. They did turn up 23 packs of cigarettes and a few e-cigarettes, illegal in Thailand.

A small group of authorities has now been dispatched to the field hospital to assist in maintaining order. Local administration officials, police officers, and even military personnel will be on-site to prevent any more fights, any illegal drug use, or any orgies from occurring in the facility again. It is hoped that separating men and women will help curb the hijinks.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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