Thailand gears up for severe summer storms with hail risk

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The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) issued a warning about the impending summer storms, marked by thunderstorms, strong winds, and possible hail in some areas, followed by a drop in temperatures. Residents are advised to brace for the turbulent weather slated to strike from March 19 to March 20.

As Thailand braces for a spell of severe weather, the TMD alerted the public to the possibility of summer storms in the coming days. The initial advisory, released today at 5.00am, marks the beginning of what could be a challenging period for the nation. The confluence of a moderate high-pressure system from China and the hot to very hot conditions prevailing over upper Thailand is expected to catalyse the formation of these storms.

The interplay of these weather patterns is set to trigger summer storms initially characterized by thunderstorms, strong gusts of wind, and even hail in select locales. Lightning strikes may also occur in certain areas. Following the storms, a noticeable decrease in temperatures is anticipated across the affected regions.

The public, especially those residing in the aforementioned areas, is urged to exercise caution in light of the impending summer storms. They are advised to avoid open spaces, take shelter under large trees, and stay near unstable structures and billboards. Health precautions are also recommended due to the fluctuating weather conditions.

Farmers, in particular, are advised to prepare for potential impacts on agricultural produce and to safeguard livestock. The TMD encourages the public to stay updated with the latest weather announcements, which are available on their website at, or through their 24-hour hotlines at 0-2399-4012-13 and 1182, reported KhaoSod.

In anticipation of these developments, the department has scheduled a follow-up announcement for today at 5pm, to provide further updates on the situation. Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and to monitor the weather closely as the summer storms approach.

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