summer storm

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    Today’s summer storm forecast, Thais warned of heavy rain, strong wind and hail

    Today, Thailand’s Meteorological Department forecasted a 24-hour weather outlook, with the northern region experiencing summer storms characterised by thunderstorms, strong winds, and isolated hail. Some areas may also experience lightning. Residents in these regions are advised to exercise caution during summer storms, avoiding open spaces, large trees, weak structures, and billboards. It is also recommended to avoid wearing metallic items…

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    Summer storm wreaks havoc on 2 districts of northeast Thailand province

    A summer storm wreaked havoc on two districts of Thailand’s northeast Nakhon Phanom province. Around 70 houses in That Phanom and Renu Nakhon districts were damaged yesterday afternoon, according to authorities. In That Phanom district, both Moo 3 and Moo 8 villages of Tambon Phon Phaeng faced heavy showers, strong gusts of wind, and thunderstorms for approximately an hour. As…