Bangkok area flood caused by 100 sandbags in drain

PHOTO: Over 100 sandbags in a main drain caused three weeks of flooding. (via Amarin TV)

A neighbourhood in Bangkok that has been flooded since September 10 just discovered sandbags shoved into the main drain. With rain failing to drain throughout the neighbourhood for three weeks, the still water was stinking and infectious.

People in the Lat Krabang neighbourhood have been suffering from knee-high water. Flood waters have never been this much of an issue on Soi Luang Phaeng 6 in the past, and it was beginning to create health problems. Residents were getting foot infections from the stagnant and rotting water they had to trudge through each day.

Then the residents began to hear that an alleyway not far from the spot had a similar blockage issue. The inhabitants of that soi discovered sandbags blocking the drain pipe. So the locals in this flooded neighbourhood decided to investigate just in case their floods were caused by the same problem.

Locals were surprised to discover yesterday that there was indeed a sandbag stuffed into the drain that served as an artery to clear out water from the area. They were even more surprised, however, when they found that, behind that first sandbag, there were many more sandbags crammed into the drain.

Residents pulled bag after bag out of the drain. They removed dozens and dozens of sandbags, and eventually, over 100 were pulled from the drainage waterway. As soon as the massive amount of sandbags were removed, water started flowing down the drain and the flood levels began to recede.

As of now, it is unknown who stuffed the sandbags into the drain and for what reason.

SOURCE: Thai Newsroom

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