THAI Airways makes resurgence with addition of nine more aeroplanes next year

THAI Airways International Plc (THAI), is making a resurgence after it says 60% of its pre-pandemic fleet has resumed service. The company says nine more aeroplanes will be in service next year as the country’s flag carrier says an increase in travel has helped the ailing carrier. Thai Smile Airways, a subsidiary of THAI has also made a resurgence as it has seen more than 90% of its fleet return to the air after domestic flights have increased in demand.

According to Bangkok Post, THAI’s chief commercial officer says the company is looking to expand its reach into the Asia Pacific as the number of passengers is forecasted to grow by 4.5%, reaching 2.53 billion by 2040. That number would surpass all other regions making it a safe bet to increase flights. THAI currently has 44 aircraft in service, compared with 83 pre-pandemic. But a lift in Covid restrictions has allowed the carrier to bounce back.

Together, THAI and Thai Smile operate 713 flights per week, serving 68 destinations. Of that total, they operate 63 flights per week in Europe, 227 domestic flights per week, and 21 flights per week in Australia. The CCO says Japanese and Indian routes are seeing an increase in passengers as flight capacity has almost reached the level recorded in 2019.

Europe has seen 80% of its passengers return in conjunction with strong demand during December and January (High Season). THAI is looking to resume flights to major cities in China, as the country is expected to fully reopen in the second quarter of 2023. The company is also looking to add five more wide-body aircraft next year and four more narrow-body aircraft to meet demands.

But, the CCO says high airfares are still expected as the global fuel prices show no signs of decreasing thanks to geopolitical tensions. Such fuel prices, he says, account for 40% of the airline’s operational costs.

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