Four dead, 27 injured as bus carrying Thai marathon runners topples over

Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News.

In Sisaket, a province in northeastern Thailand, a tragic turn of events led to the death of four individuals and left 27 others with injuries of varying severity. The Sisaket bus accident took place yesterday morning when the vehicle ferrying marathon runners toppled over and plunged into the dense forest on a steep mountain road.

The runners, affiliated with Luang Pu Suang Wat Phrai Phatthana Technological College, embarked on their journey around 9.30am. The bus was in the process of climbing a mountain road near the Phaya Krupri Viewpoint when it fell off the steep road.

The two-lane curved road, lacking a central divider, became the unfortunate site of this catastrophic bus accident. Despite normal weather conditions, the bus skidded off the road and plummeted into the deep foliage below. The accident claimed four lives, while leaving at least 27 people severely wounded. Three of the deceased remain unidentified as of this time, but one was reported to be a woman 52 years old.

A rescue team arrived at the accident scene taking immediate action. The injured passengers were transported to nearby medical facilities, including the Sisaket Hospital and Phu Sing Hospital, where they are currently being treated for their injuries, reported The Pattaya News.

As this community navigates its way through the aftermath of this tragic event, the investigation continues. The authorities are in the process of identifying the causes behind the unfortunate Sisaket bus accident.

In related news, a school minibus collided with the back of a pickup truck, causing the vehicle to flip onto its side, resulting in injuries to multiple male and female students aboard. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported from the pickup truck involved in the collision. Authorities are actively investigating the crash, emphasizing the pressing need for prompt implementation of safety measures. Read more HERE.

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