Peeling expectations: Viral video unveils a whiff-less way to indulge in the divisive durian

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Durian, the world’s most expensive fruit, holds a fascinating status among fruit enthusiasts – it’s either a beloved delicacy or an unbearable nightmare, particularly due to its powerful scent. In recent times, a viral social media video brings this polarising conversation around the king of fruits to the forefront, showing a Thai boy’s unusual technique to savour durian without its notorious smell.

The video, circulating on various online platforms, shows an unidentified boy quietly indulging in a juicy durian. Yet, what captures the viewers’ attention is the unique manner in which he enjoys his snack. Even though he is often troubled by the smell of durian, he puts his displeasure aside to relish its taste. His strategy? Covering his nose while speedily devouring the creamy flesh, reported Sanook.

Upon noticing the camera capturing his special moments with the durian, the boy appears to be shocked and slightly embarrassed. Reluctantly shifting away from the camera, he eventually removes his hand from his nose.

Once the video was posted on social media, it immediately sparked intrigue and amusement among the online community. Internet users found the boy’s durian eating strategy humorous, while several others empathised and related to his approach. Many confessed that they too had gone through an experimental phase with durian, exploring various ways to adjust to its unique scent and flavour. Here are some of the comments posted on the viral video:

“It was the same for me at first, but now I can eat it without covering my nose.”

“Everyone has their way of acclimating to it.”

“Reminds me of my first encounter with durian, I twisted my face and held my breath. But look at me now, I could eat durian all the time.”

“Perhaps I should give his method a try. I’ve always wanted to taste durian but fail to tolerate the smell.”

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