Anti-Prayut rallies expected across Bangkok

Following the reinstatement of General Prayut Chan-o-cha as Prime Minister by the Constitutional Court yesterday, anti-Prayut activists have called a mass demonstration at the Victory Monument on Saturday to show their contempt for the court’s wisdom.

Led by activist Thatchapong Kaedam and dressed in black, a contemptuous crowd of Ratsadon movement members gathered at Pathumwan skywalk in front of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on Friday afternoon to hear the verdict. Thatchapong called the decision a “slap in the face for the nation.”

Anti-Prayut rallies expected across Bangkok | News by Thaiger
Thatchapong Kaedam told a crowd of Ratsadon members at Pathumwan skywalk that the court decision was a “slap in the face for the nation.”

Thanaporn Wichan of the Labour Network for People’s Rights, read a declaration from protesters who believe General Prayut’s tenure ended on August 24. They urged citizens to “mourn the regime of a rogue prime minister” by dressing in black for a week. Other groups – 24 June Democracy and Talu Fah – called for opposition parties to join the public on the streets.

Protestors are confident that support will surge, and have told supporters to prepare a saline solution in the expectation of facing tear gas.

Talu Fah leader Thanapat Kapeng called for a major demonstration to seal off the Victory Monument from 4pm on Saturday, with the intent of ousting Gen Prayut. Calling the rally a “last resort,” he said protestors should prepare to face tear gas or worse.

In 2019, the pro-democracy movement staged rallies that drew thousands. Police used teargas and water cannon to disperse crowds. The pandemic seriously curbed demonstrations, as did the many defamation charges against movement leaders under the lese-majeste law.

Anti-Prayut rallies expected across Bangkok | News by Thaiger
Kana Lomruam Prachachon (Melting Pot) members at Ratchaprasong intersection peacefully listen to music and speeches last night.

The Move Forward Party said the ruling showed how the courts are helping prolong an illegal regime. Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat tweeted that it was the third time the court had saved Gen Prayut. Pita wants to see a referendum on a new constitution held alongside the next general election, arguing that the current charter is a product of the 2014 coup led by Gen Prayut.

The Kana Lomruam Prachachon (Melting Pot) heard the court ruling at the Ratchaprasong intersection. Led by former red-shirt Jatuporn Prompan and lawyer Nitithorn Lamlua, the crowd peacefully listened to music and speeches into the night.

SOURCE Bangkok Post

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