Thai political parties told to check candidates more carefully

After a Move Forward Party Bangkok city councillor, Arnuparb Tarntong, was accused over sexual misconduct, a number of civil groups have ramped up their demandings for political parties to strengthen the candidate screening process.

Arnuparb, a councillor for the Sathorn district, came forward to the police to reject the allegations of sexual harassment made by four young girls, who are all supporters of the MFP.

He tweeted yesterday that he is ready to fight the case and prove his innocence. He thanked his followers for their moral support.

Arnuparb Tarntong is the second politician this year to be accused of sexual harassment after Prinn Panitchpakdi, a former Democrat deputy leader. Some 20 have come forward and accused the politician of sexual abuse and rape back in April.

After his tweet, people quickly compared the two politicians, and demanded Arnuparb to step down from his role, similar to Prinn, who stepped down as the deputy leader of the Democrats.

According to the civil rights groups, politics parties should investigate members’ backgrounds to check if they have a record of inappropriate behaviour, such as sexual assault or harassment, or disrespecting gender rights.

“Candidates for elections should be checked thoroughly, and any offenders shouldn’t be allowed to serve as party representatives.”

“The MFP should be responsible for the allegations, and the victims should be protected at all costs. The Bangkok City Council should take action against the politician.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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