Young woman murdered by gambling-addicted ex-boyfriend, father shares harrowing ordeal

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Another perspective on the tragic murder case of a young woman, 23 years old, shot dead by her enraged ex-boyfriend, has emerged. The victim’s father revealed details of how the family desperately sought help and tried to rescue their daughter before her untimely demise. The attacker, Channarong, 35 years old, is now in police custody.

The incident took place in front of an auto repair shop opposite a community centre in Si Thep district, Phetchabun. The 23 year old woman was killed, while her parents suffered injuries. Her father had a head wound, while her mother had abrasions on her neck and jaw area.

As the victim’s relatives gathered to prepare for her funeral, her father Greangkrai shared his version of the story, refuting the perpetrator’s claim of a love-related feud. He explained that his daughter had a relationship with the attacker, which ended due to the latter’s gambling addiction. Channarong depleted two to three hundred thousand baht in savings as a result of his habit.

According to Greangkrai, on June 16, Channarong kidnapped his daughter and took her to Nakhon Nayok province. In response, he and his wife travelled to rescue their daughter and bring her home. However, upon their arrival, they found that the perpetrator was already there. He chased the family in his car and caught up to them at the scene of the crime. Greangkrai attempted to find help at the auto repair shop and urged his daughter to run and cling to her mother. Tragically, the attacker followed and shot the young woman, ultimately taking her life.

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