Woman poisons four husbands after marriages for dowries, sentenced to death

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A shocking story has emerged of a young Chinese woman who married four times, with each husband dying mysteriously shortly after the wedding. Suspicions from the family of her fourth husband led to the police uncovering the horrifying truth and arresting the woman for her crimes.

The woman, born in 1977, faced a difficult childhood due to her father’s early demise, leaving her and her mother, plagued by poverty and hardship. Years later, her increasingly bitter mother developed a twisted attachment to money and came up with a disturbing plan. She said…

“Find a good husband, kill him after he lets his guard down, then remarry and you’ll never worry about money.”

In January 1999, her first marriage took place to a wealthy 23 year old man from a neighbouring village. After receiving a dowry of 11,000 yuan (about 53,500 baht, US$1,539), she poisoned his breakfast with rat poison. Tragically, he died, but everyone believed it was due to illness. In December of that year, she married again, this time using the same method but with a yoghurt drink as the deadly medium. Police investigated but didn’t find any red flags, thanks to her grieving act, reported Khaosod.

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Her third marriage occurred in the following year, and she managed to receive a dowry of 5,800 yuan (approximately 28,200 baht, US$811). Once more, her new husband suffered a sudden agonising death just days after the wedding. Yet, her exceptional display of grief fooled everyone, including her in-laws. By January 2001, her fourth wedding took place, but this time, her husband’s sudden death raised enough suspicions for the family to alert the police.

During the funeral, officers showed up and arrested the woman. Although maintained her innocence initially, once authorities discovered rat poison during the autopsy, she confessed to all her crimes and exposed her mother’s involvement. In February 2001, a court sentenced both her and her mother to death for their devious murders and deception.

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