Thai couple holds joint wedding with daughter, viral TikTok captures heartwarming moment (video)

PHOTO: Tiktok/@mcringring

A Thai wedding ceremony that a couple celebrated their wedding alongside that of their daughter’s attracted a lot of attention online because of how touching it was. The one-of-a-kind dual ceremony was uploaded to TikTok by user @mcringring, where it received compliments for the warm and caring environment it conveyed to viewers.

In the video that was shared online, the future bride gives an emotional speech in which she expresses her gratitude to her parents. She expresses her admiration for the unwavering love, care, and support that her parents have always shown her. She is proud to be their daughter. In addition, the bride discusses how she was able to make her mother happy by allowing her to wear a wedding gown, despite the fact that her parents had been together for thirty years without ever having a formal Thai wedding ceremony.

After the video went viral, a great number of people sent their best wishes to the newlywed couples and expressed their admiration for the warmth and love that was shown by the family.

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