UPDATE: Kayak found as Spanish chef admits disposing body of lover off coast

PHOTO: This kayak was believed to be used by the accused Spanish chef to dispose of his lover's body parts.(via Supapong Chaolan)

In an update in the ongoing murder investigation, a kayak, speculated to be used by a Spanish chef to dispose of his former Colombian surgeon lover’s dismembered body parts, was discovered on Saturday off the coast of Koh Pha Ngan, stated the police.

The chef, 29 year old Daniel Sancho Bronchalo is the descendant of several prominent Spanish actors, is accused of murdering and dissecting the remains of 44 year old Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, a national of Colombia, at a local hotel this week.

Sanitation workers uncovered various body parts including a sawn-off pelvis and intestines weighing approximately 5 kilogrammes within a fertiliser sack at a waste disposal site in Moo 4 precinct of Koh Pha Ngan.

Bronchalo was escorted for questioning to the Koh Pha Ngan Police Station yesterday concerning the disappearance of Arteaga. He initially refuted all accusations, but upon further probing, the Spanish chef confessed to the murder and dissection of Arteaga at the hotel.

His statement disclosed that he placed portions of the body in a fertiliser sack and abandoned it at the town’s waste disposal centre. Additional remains were packed into a suitcase, which the Spanish chef transported out to the open sea using a kayak and discarded overboard.

Today, police officials disclosed the discovery of a kayak at Salat Beach, located approximately 300 metres from the hotel where the gruesome act transpired. The vessel is believed to have been utilised by the Spanish chef to dispose of the suitcase full of human remains.

Two women, known as Tuk and Kanda, the initial proprietors of the kayak, were brought in for questioning by the police. The duo explained that around 9pm this Tuesday, the man from Spain arrived at their business premises and inquired about renting their vessel.

They initially declined the request, citing safety concerns for the tourist venturing out at night. However, expressing displeasure and urgency, he proposed to purchase the vessel for 1,000 US dollars, an offer that the women accepted.

The suspect, Bronchalo, is recognised as the offspring of the Spanish actor, Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre, and actress, Silvia Bronchalo. Known for his culinary skills in his Spanish homeland, Bronchalo maintains a YouTube channel showcasing his professional prowess as a chef.

In contrast, the victim, Arteaga, ran a profitable cosmetic surgery practice in Monteria, Colombia, a significant city in the northwest segment of the South American country. It was speculated that the two individuals were romantically involved.

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