Spanish chef brutally murders Colombian partner in Thai island horror

PHOTO: Daniel Sancho Bronchalo has allegedly confessed to the murder of his reported lover on the island of Koh Pha Ngan. (via Instagram / Daniel Sancho Bronchalo)

On the island of Koh Pha Ngan, located in the southern province of Surat Thani, a horrifying crime unwrapped as a Spanish chef confessed to the brutal murder and dismemberment of his Colombian partner. The crime was alleged to have taken place before the culprit dumped the body fragments in trash bags discovered in a local landfill and into the sea.

The son of famous Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho and the grandson of actor Sancho Gracia, 29 year old Daniel Sancho Bronchalo is known for his culinary skills in his Spanish homeland and an active participant on his YouTube channel.

But the Spanish man now finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation on Friday. He faced intensive questioning at the Koh Pha Ngan Police Station about the sudden vanishing of 44 year old Edwin Arrieta Arteaga. Having just arrived on the island on August 2, Arteaga, a successful Colombian businessman, ran a plastic surgery clinic in Monteria, Colombia.

Initially, Bronchalo denied any association with the gruesome crime after he first reported Arteaga missing. However, under rigorous questioning by the Thai police yesterday, the Spanish chef conceded to the ruthless murder, thereby confirming the suspicions held by the authorities.

Apprehensions grew stronger concerning the harrowing murder after the discovery of alarming evidence in a hotel room, suspected to be the scene of the crime. Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 8, Surapong Thanomjit, informed that the forensic team uncovered traces of human hair, fat, and tissue from the room’s drainage system. He further stated that the samples had been dispatched for examination in Yala and the results are anticipated today.

The incriminating security footage retrieved from various locations across the island – including video of the Spanish chef purchasing a knife, saw, and garbage bags – further solidified Bronchalo’s connection to the murder. Asserting that Bronchalo was the last individual seen in the company of the victim, the video evidence prompted officers to pursue an arrest warrant for him.

Additionally, family members of Arteaga informed the investigation team about the Spanish chef’s year-long romantic involvement with the victim, potentially providing a key lead to the motive of this horrific murder. An early hypothesis put forth by the police, led by Surapong Thanomjit, suggests a possible spark of jealousy that might have driven this course of action. However, the motive remains uncertain at this stage of the investigation.

“We do not yet know the motive for the murder. We initially believe it might stem from a fit of jealousy.”

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