Raid finds all monks on drugs in Phetchabun temple

PHOTO: All monks in a Phetchabun temple test positive for drugs and are expelled. (via Sunthorn Kongvarakhom)

Monks behaving badly has become a common trend in Thailand. Reports of monks stealing cars, fighting, and sneaking out for booze and sex have been increasing in recent months. One temple was found to be inhabited by illegal Cambodian immigrants posing as monks and soliciting cash donations to buy drugs. Now one small temple in Phetchabun has been left empty after every single monk was expelled for drug use.

The temple, now devoid of any monks, sits in the Bung Sam Phan district of the Northern province. Reports did not mention the exact location or name of the holy site. As part of a crackdown in Phetchabun on drugs, police were joined by health authorities yesterday in raiding the small temple.

Inside they found three monks and the temple abbot. All four were given urine tests on the spot. All four of them tested positive for illegal drugs, although reports in Bangkok Post did not specify which drugs the monks tested positive for.

After the drug tests came back positive, the four naughty monks were stripped of their status and had no choice but to leave the monkhood.

Now the temple has been left empty and the neighbours don’t know what to do about it. Aside from villagers being dependent on the monks in the local temple for religious ceremonies and blessings, problems also arose from the temple’s vacancy.

There is no one left to be responsible for the upkeep of the premises and care for the temple grounds. Also, the temple has become home to about ten cats and dogs living in and around the building. Members of the local community worry about what will happen now after all the monks were busted for illegal drug use.

They have appealed for help from local district officials who in turn contacted the monastic chief of Bung Sam Phan district. The chief pledged to resolve the situation by assigning some new monks to the now-abandoned temple.

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