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Monks and novices caught drinking alcohol and involved in an intimate relationship

Thai social media has featured a video showing 8 monks and novices were celebrating and drinking alcohol inside their temple accommodation. Another video and a screenshot of the conversation also indicated that the monk had an intimate relationship with the novice.

The party was identified to be happening at the Nikom Kitiyaram temple in the northeast province of Ubon Ratchatani. The abbot of the temple responded to questions saying that it was old footage, and 2 monks from the group in the video had already been forced to leave the monkhood. But others who joined the party were still at the temple and would be questioned over the incident and appropriate discipline apportioned.

The first video featured 8 monks and novices gathered in their rooms with alcohol and food. They were also singing “happy birthday” instead of doing their Buddhist chants. The other video showed clearly that 2 of the monks were in an intimate relationship and were hugging each other.

There was also a conversation posted on social media between 2 of the monks saying that he had broken up with a novice and wanted to host a party.

The abbot, Prachot Kittikhun, informed Thai media that the story occurred 2 months ago over the new year period. The monk and novice who were discovered having a sexual relationships, had traveled from a different province and asked to stay at the temple.

The abbot shared that he had never noticed they were a couple until the residents showed him the videos, but both of them refused any counselling over the matter.

The pair were forced to leave monkhood since the footage was discovered and circulated. According to the report, the other 6 monks featured in the party and drinking alcohol were still in the temple and would be questioned and punished.

SOURCE: Thairath | Dailynews

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