Radio station gunman confesses, faces murder charges, death penalty

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The gunman who allegedly shot 3 of his coworkers at a public radio station is facing murder charges and the death penalty if convicted. The 59 year old Wim Sonsuk was an electrician at the station. He lashed out after problems with his coworkers at the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand in the northern Phitsanulok province.

On Wednesday, he allegedly killed the station director, 60 year old Sanit Butmangkul, and two electricians, 47 year old Jirawut Sumetthepanan and 55 year old Phumisaran Phanphum, the Bangkok Post reports. A radio transmission technician was shot and severely injured. Sonsuk told police there were issues at work. One coworker always “looked at him with a stern face,” the Post reports, and another “got other coworkers against him.” The coworkers had also argued about a lost item in the past.

“I would be sitting around, cheerfully minding my own business when (a coworker) would frown at me, or tell me to not get involved with work unless I was ready to take responsibility.”

He reenacted the shooting and confessed to police yesterday, the Post reports. Sonsuk told police the shooting started after Sumetthepanan asked him to get a piece of equipment, and when Sonsuk brought it, it wasn’t the one he was looking for.

Sonsuk lashed out, shooting and killing one coworker and then another. He then shot the transmission technician who entered the station. The station director attacked him from behind, but Sonsuk took out a knife, stabbing the man before shooting him to death.

The Post says Sonsuk is charged with murder, attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms. He will face the death penalty if he is convicted.

SOURCES: Khaosod English | Bangkok Post

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