Public outcry after a video emerges of a youth attacking a mentally ill man in Bangkok

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A video has been widely shared on social media showing an irate youth attacking a mentally ill man with a stick in a fit of anger. The disturbing incident took place today near Praratchawong Police Station, at the mouth of the Talad canal in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok. The agitated young man’s outbursts have provoked discussions among viewers about the display of raw hostility.

In the video (which was too disturbing to post in this article), the belligerent young man is shown violently assaulting a man presumed to have mental health issues. He seems to be uncontrollably livid, loudly complaining, and insinuating that the mentally unstable man initiated the attack, as he struck him with a long rod.

Meanwhile, onlookers gathered to observe the altercation. They attempted to calm the temperament of the irked individual but to no avail. The situation only worsened as the angry man spiralled further into a rage-filled frenzy, boldly daring to face any consequences while calling himself ‘Satan.” His aggression towards the mentally unstable man continued unabated.

Eventually, the mentally disturbed man retaliated, making the scenario take a turn for the worst. The two individuals found themselves embroiled in a chase among the throng of annoyed onlookers. Furthermore, in another part of the video, the argumentative young man is seen accusingly confronting police officials and the individuals filming the incident.

This footage incited much critique and discussion among netizens, leading to questions on civil conduct and the dire need for mental health awareness in society.

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