Green snake startles Thai classroom, valiant rescue ensues

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

In an unusual turn of events, a green snake took refuge in a Thai classroom, catching the horrified attendees by surprise. It was only with the arrival of local rescue teams that the smooth capture of the intruding reptile took place. No harm was inflicted upon the students or faculty during the unexpected incident. The incident took place at Pon Thong Pattana Wittaya School, located in Sranokkaew, Pon Thong, Roi Et Province.

Today at around noon, the emergency unit of Jao Pu Kud Peng rescue foundation received a distress call from a teacher. She reported an unidentified snake lingering around the classroom door. The volunteers rushed to the incident site immediately.

The rescue unit prepared its gear and set out for the mission. One female rescue worker took the challenge in her stride, donning gloves to handle the snake in a bare-handed catch. However, the green snake was caught off guard lashed out and bit tightly onto the glove, refusing to let go. A careful extraction process followed.

In around 15 minutes, the team finally managed to subdue and seize the snake, Sanook reported. Inspection revealed that the disruptive guest was a 1-metre-long green Rat snake (Ptyas Korros). The snake was safely released back into the wild.

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The teacher reported that during lunch break, a student informed her about a snake clinging to the door. Worried about the potential threat it posed to the students, she promptly called for the rescue team. By focusing promptly on safety measures and maintaining composure, an unusual day at Pon Thong Pattana Wittaya School came to a safe end.

Tropical Thailand is home to over 200 species of snakes, more than 60 of which are considered venomous and a danger to humans. To read The Thaiger’s guide on what to do if you get bit by a snake, click HERE.

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