Chinese nationals arrested at Phuket Airport for illegal employment

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Immigration officials recently apprehended two Chinese women at Phuket International Airport’s car park over accusations of illegal employment. The specifics concerning the women’s identities have not been publicly disclosed, with authorities opting to cover their faces in the released photographs.

The arrest, which took place around 1.30pm yesterday, was spearheaded by Lt. Col. Akkaraphon Kaewkiat from the airport’s Immigration Checkpoint. The women were apprehended on charges of working without the necessary official permissions and exceeding the activities permitted on their visas.

The women also violated the conditions for staying in Thailand, as their visas did not includeemployment provisionst. Following their arrest, the women were taken to Sakhu Police Station, which holds jurisdiction over incidents at Phuket International Airport. If found guilty, their next steps could include fines, deportation, and potentially a period of barred entry into Thailand, reported The Phuket News.

Placed against a backdrop of consistent reports by Phuket Immigration on the arrest of Chinese citizens for unlawful employment in the airport- particularly in the vicinity of the international terminal’s car park, dubbed ‘tourist parking’- this incident is unsurprising. It is thought that this label might allude to a popular spot for tourist buses.

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Simultaneously, the Thailand Tourism Authority and associated tourism bodies have reiterated that the influx of organised tourist parties from China has yet to return to its pre-pandemic volume.

Currently, the bulk of Chinese visitors coming to the island consist of independent travellers. Regardless, their figures are still substantial enough to place China at the helmabouto the number of tourists arriving in Phuket.

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