Police uncover 72 illegal immigrants at Samut Sakhon factory

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Royal Thai Immigration officers, along with relevant agencies, conducted a search operation at a factory in Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon, following a report from the Damrongdhama Centre about a significant number of illegal immigrant labourers. The operation led to the discovery of over 72 illegal immigrants working at the site.

Among the discovered workers, 45 had no legal documentation or work permits, while 27 Burmese workers had some documentation but lacked work permits. The immigrants admitted to working illegally at the factory and disclosed that they were paid 363 baht (US$10) daily in cash. They revealed that they had been employed there for one month.

The Krathum Baen police initially escorted the illegal immigrants to the Krathum Baen police station for further legal and deportation proceedings. Investigations are ongoing to identify the employers and other individuals involved in hiring these illegal workers to ensure they are held responsible for their actions, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, police in Sisaket intensified their crackdown on illegal immigrants, focusing on the railway market area. The operation aims to prevent potential threats to the safety of locals and tourists.

Police detained Thonglueng Chuyad, a 31 year old resident of Mueang Phon Thong in Champasak, Laos. She was apprehended for entering and staying in Thailand without proper documentation. The arrest was part of a broader effort by local law enforcement to tighten security and monitor foreign nationals in the area.

This action follows the directives of Piya-anant Tosakulwong, the Commissioner of Immigration Division 4, and Manuwat Kosanan, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration Division 4. The operation was spearheaded by Jiraprapap Suthaprida, Superintendent of Immigration in Sisaket, along with Natee Thongsukkaew and Chanya Promwaree, Deputy Superintendents of Immigration in Sisaket.

The announcement of Thonglueng’s arrest was made by Maneeporn Boonliang, an inspector at the Sisaket Immigration Office. She was joined by the investigative and anti-human trafficking teams from the Department of Employment in Sisaket.

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