Motorcycle rider assaults passenger after fare dispute in Bangkok

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A female passenger was assaulted by a motorcycle rider after refusing to pay an additional fare. The incident, captured on CCTV, occurred in an alley off On Nut 41 when the rider dismounted his motorcycle and physically attacked the woman, kicking and punching her until she fell to the ground.

The woman had booked a ride from Huai Khwang to Soi On Nut 41 through a ride-hailing application, which set the fare at 66 baht. Upon reaching her destination, she paid the rider 70 baht. However, the rider disputed the fare and showed her his phone to argue the price.

As the woman attempted to contact the ride-hailing service to report the issue, the rider became enraged, jumping off his motorcycle and assaulting her without restraint. He then fled the scene on his motorcycle, leaving her lying on the ground.

Further investigation into the incident revealed that the perpetrator was the same rider who had threatened a journalist from Channel One four months ago. This earlier incident occurred on February 8, when the rider demanded the journalist cancel a ride request.

When the journalist refused, stating that the rider should cancel the request himself since he had declined the ride, the rider threatened to assault the journalist if he did not comply. The rider did turn up as threatened but fled upon seeing a group of journalists present, reported KhaoSod.

Police are currently searching for the rider, whose identity has been confirmed through the motorcycle and clothing seen in the CCTV footage. The police urge anyone with information on the rider’s whereabouts to come forward.

In related news, a German woman filed a complaint against a Thai motorcycle taxi rider in Phuket, accusing him of sexual assault. The suspect denied the allegation, claiming that the foreign woman hugged him throughout the ride and he did not touch her inappropriately.

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