Nonthaburi snack vendor reports fake cops extorting monthly fee for dubious protection sticker

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A Thai snack vendor in Nonthaburi filed a police complaint against four men posing as officers, who demanded a monthly fee of 3,500 baht (US$100) in exchange for a lion sticker claiming to offer protection for her business. The fake cops fled when the vendor’s older brother started filming them with his phone. The deep-fried banana vendor is located in the Bang Mae Nang district.

At 6.30pm yesterday, Sub-Inspector Wanchai Inudom, accompanied by an investigative unit from Bang Mae Nang Police Station, met with Atikarn, the 46 year old victim and owner of the shop. They collected video footage from mobile phones and CCTV cameras for further examination and advised her to file an official complaint to proceed with the legal process, reported KhaoSod.

Sub-Inspector Wanchai confirmed that the individuals in the video were not officers of the Bang Mae Nang Police Station. He also clarified that there are no fees collected for lion stickers in the area, particularly for roadside snack shops.

Following the incident, Atikarn filed a complaint with Bang Mae Nang Police investigators. She expressed her concern for her safety and that of her foreign workers. She questioned why the group of con artists, who closely resembled police officers, would resort to such unlawful means of income. Atikarn said…

“Why don’t they find honest ways to make money? Our jobs as sellers are already difficult enough. I want the real police to investigate if this group of men is actually affiliated with law enforcement and to find out their motive behind extorting money for these stickers.”

In another incident in April this year, fake security officers raided a Bangkok house, seizing property worth over 3 million baht.

Bangkok police successfully apprehended three individuals involved in a high-profile extortion case, totalling 3.1 million baht. The suspects had posed as security officers to extort money from the victim, using fake search warrants to enter and search his house. To read the story, click HERE.

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