Fake security officers raid Bangkok house, seizing property worth over 3 million baht

One of the three suspects who was arrested on Saturday in Bangkok Noi area was found in possession of military uniforms bearing a logo of the Internal Security Operations Command, photo via Bangkok Post.

Fake security officers raided a Bangkok house, seizing property worth over 3 million baht.

Bangkok police have successfully apprehended three individuals involved in a high-profile extortion case, totalling 3.1 million baht (£72,550.05). The suspects had posed as security officers to extort money from the victim, using fake search warrants to enter and search his house.

On April 11, the victim was at his house, when four men showed up. The men posed as military officers attached to the Internal Security Operations Command and Crime Suppression Division police.

The men had a fake arrest warrant, and told the victim that he was wanted on a fraud charge. They then extorted 3.1 million baht from the victim, who feared legal consequences. The victim was at home with his wife and two children who are six and nine years old, and a housemaid, Bangkok Post reported.

The victim reported the incident to the Hua Mak police station.

On Friday, police arrested one suspect, 59 year old Yafad Chumpraman, from Songkhla’s Sadao district. Yesterday, police arrested two other suspects, 26 year old Thanapat Lekmanee, and 38 year old Thanamongkol Chaosamut, in the Bangkok Noi area of Bangkok.

Officers found in their possession 25 items including military caps, jackets and leather bags with the ISOC logo.

The three suspects were charged with extortion, and allegedly confessed to the charge. They were handed over to Hua Mak police for legal proceedings.

Cops are now on the prowl for the fourth suspect.

This is not the first time that fake officials have committed crimes in Thailand.

On February 7 this year, a group of people wearing what appeared to be government officials jackets allegedly broke into a house in Pattaya. The victim said the suspects accused him of being a motorcycle thief, and robbed 8,000 baht from him. He said they then hit him in the head with a stick, causing him a head injury. The police arrested three of the suspects, and charged them with robbery using weapons.

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