Domestic violence in Lopburi turns deadly with wife fatally shooting gout-afflicted husband

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An incident of domestic violence turned fatal after a quarrel turned into a violent brawl in Chaibadan district of Lopburi province, yesterday. A 45 year old man identified as Wasan was fatally shot during a heated exchange with his wife.

The unfortunate occurrence transpired in a single-storey wooden dwelling where Wasan’s lifeless body was discovered in the middle of the house. The deceased bore multiple gunshot wounds, one to his right shoulder, one under his right ribs, one above his right breast, and another to his body. An unloaded .38 handgun was found on a TV stand with six spent shells.

At the scene was an extremely distressed 36 year old woman called Nataya, wife of the deceased. Her face was

swollen and bruised. Initial police enquiries revealed that Nataya had been physically assaulted by her deceased husband. On-site first aid was administered before she was transported to Chai Badan Hospital for treatment.

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From preliminary investigations into this domestic violence case, police learned that the couple, parents of two children and farmers by trade, had been arguing vehemently. The confrontation stemmed from Wasan, suffering from gout, having stayed home all day, rather than seek medical attention. Nataya, who had been out working in their sugarcane field all day, was irate that the ailment was not taken seriously.

The argument escalated to physical violence when Wasan struck Nataya repeatedly with the firearm, resulting in her swollen features. In a struggle for the gun, two rounds were fired. Nataya managed to secure control of the weapon and escape his further attacks, but Wasan continued to threaten her, reported KhaoSod.

Fearful for her life, and tempers at a height, Nataya made the fateful decision to strike back. The remaining four bullets from the .38 revolver found their mark in Wasan’s body, bringing him down, and culminating in his death.

The police charged Natata with murder with intent. Nataya is currently receiving medical care. On her recovery, proceedings will proceed according to the law.

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