Famous Thai singer’s act of kindness towards elderly delivery rider inspires thousands online

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A touching social media interaction between a famous Thai singer named Jenny and an elderly delivery rider garnered significant praise online yesterday. Concerned for the hardworking rider, Jenny sympathetically offered him a generous tip while probing into his life story.

As depicted in a notable video post, Jenny asked about the nature of the rider’s contents, feeling compassion upon seeing the elderly delivery rider. She enquired about his last meal, to which he responded about one solitary midday meal. By the time he delivered food, darkness had fully consumed the day.

Jenny further asked about his working hours and daily earnings to which he admitted that he worked no later than 9pm and earned approximately 700 baht daily. Struggling, the man continues to persevere.

Jenny asked about the price for a bowl of noodles, and the elderly delivery rider said it was 273 baht. Movingly, Jenny handed him 500 baht, telling him it was for the bowl of noodles and that he need not return any change. In addition, she tipped the elderly rider 3,000 baht, remarking she admires people who work hard against life’s adversity.

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Jenny shared her struggles with debt, leading the touched delivery man to tears, surprised and overwhelmed by her kindness. He uttered about catering to his finances single-handedly to spare his children from hardship. To comfort him, Jenny assured him and, crucially, handed him her phone number, asking him to contact her if in need, or if he falls sick. It was also learnt that the man was hearing impaired and held a disability card, reported KhaoSod.

In a touching interaction, an Australian TikTok sensation extended a heartwarming gesture to a Patong fruit vendor, presenting a gracious 2,000 baht reward as a heartfelt thank-you for his remarkable kindness and generosity. The vendor’s selfless gesture of selling fruits without asking for payment resulted in widespread acclaim on social media. Read more HERE.

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