Jealous Thai husband strangles wife and sleeps next to her body all night

A drunk Thai man strangled his wife and slept next to her dead body on Tuesday night in Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand. He said he didn’t know she was dead.

At 10am on Wednesday, officers from Mueang Udon Thani Police Station were notified that a husband killed his wife at a construction workers’ residence in Kak Khaeng district.

Police found 46 year old Neramit, or “Tum,” sat on the roadside waiting to surrender to police.

Inside the one-storey shared house, police found the body of 34 year old Bee (pseudonym) lying on her back under a blanket on the bed. Forensic officers estimated that Bee died around 10 hours prior.

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Crying, Neramit kissed his wife’s cheek for the last time before confessing to the police that he killed her.

During interrogation, Neramit said he lived with his wife for four years and the couple had a one year old son together who is currently being taken care of by his wife’s sister in Sakon Nakhon province.

Neramit said he has been working on the construction site with his wife for about one month, living in a five-bedroom house with other workers.

An argument broke out between Naramit and Bee on the night of the murder after the couple had been drinking.

Neramit said he was suspicious that his wife had another man. She was very good looking, he told police.

On Tuesday night, Neramit accused his wife of repeatedly going off with other men. In response, Bee swore at him, he said.

Angry, jealous, and drunk, Neramit used his forearm to strangle Bee. Then he fell asleep.

Neramit woke up at 3am to find his wife cold and motionless lying next to him. She was not breathing.

In the morning, Neramit walked 200 metres to his employer’s residence and told her that he killed his wife.

Neramit’s 60 year old employer Buaphan said that Neramit turned up in a drunken state with tears in his eyes. Neramit told his employer…

“I did it because I couldn’t put up with the behaviour of my wife, who I loved very much. I am so sorry to her family. I am worried about our one year old son who is living with my wife’s sister. My son is an orphan now, left without a mother and father in prison.”

Buaphan said she didn’t believe him at first but soon realised that Neramit was telling the truth, so she called the police.

Neramit’s 49 year old colleague Prateep, who also lives in the house, said the couple quarrelled every night in the construction workers’ “liquor circle.”

Prateep said Neramit was always jealous and worried about his wife, who would snap back at him when he made accusations against her. In the morning, they would always make up, said Prateep.

Prateep said he thought Neramit was a good-natured man and never suspected him to murder his wife.

Bee’s body was taken for an autopsy at Udon Thani Centre Hospital, who found she had a black left eye and other injuries.

Police interrogated Neramit at Mueang Udon Thani Police Station and charged him with murder. Neramit will be prosecuted according to the law, said police.

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