Horrific murder at Lampao Dam: Husband arrested for killing wife

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The tranquillity of Lampao Dam in Kalasin was shattered on March 13, when at 11am, a horrific discovery was made. A female body was found, cruelly tied around the neck to a tree. The local police and emergency services were promptly notified and rushed to the scene.

The body was quickly identified as that of Somphit Senakit, a 53 year old resident. She was found just 200 metres from the shore of the dam, a rope tight around her neck. A preliminary examination revealed a gruesome sight. Somphit had endured seven stab wounds to her throat and torso. The police estimated that she had been dead for at least an hour.

A chilling trail of blood led from Somphit’s body to a hut 20 metres away, suggesting that she had been brutally murdered there before her body was dragged to the water’s edge. The police surmised the killer had then attempted to hide her body in the dam.

Witnesses and family members were questioned in the ensuing investigation. The police soon identified their prime suspect: Samran Singsuwan, the husband of the victim. At 59 years old, Samran had been together with Somphit for two years following his release from prison.

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Somphit’s 32 year old son, Athit, provided a statement to the police. He told them that his mother and Samran had a fraught relationship, marred by repeated physical abuse at Samran’s hands. Athit also recounted how Samran had threatened to kill Somphit on several occasions.

On the day of the murder, Somphit had gone about her usual morning routine before mysteriously disappearing. Athit went looking for her when he noticed her absence. He found her motorbike at the dam, along with the sinister trail of blood that led him to his mother’s body.

The police were able to locate and apprehend Samran swiftly, finding him with a bloodied knife and clothing. He confessed to the horrific crime and was taken into custody at the Lampao police station for further legal proceedings, reported The Pattaya News.

Horrific murder at Lampao Dam: Husband arrested for killing wife | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

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