Fatal stabbing during ceremony in Thai village leaves newlywed man dead

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A tragic fatal stabbing unfolded recently, resulting in the death of a newlywed man, stabbed by a former computer teacher during a traditional ceremony. The police have now issued a warrant for the assailant’s arrest and identified his escape route.

The 44 year old man, Ratchaphon used a knife to attack 25 year old Danuporn in the chest, causing a lethal wound near his heart. The unfortunate fatal stabbing took place during a bone blessing ceremony in a village in Lam Plai Mat, Buriram Province, where Danuporn had recently moved after his wedding just five months prior. Ratchaphon then fled the scene in a Mazda pickup truck, license plate number BM9512 Buriram.

Danuporn’s family performed a spirit-calling ceremony at the scene of the incident according to local customs. The atmosphere was filled with grief, especially for 54 year old Sai Thong, the mother of the deceased. She requested through the media that the police do not need to bring the killer to her if they apprehend him, fearing a violent reaction from her family who are still unable to accept Ratchaphon’s actions.

Danuporn’s widow, 21 year old Tawan, is still unable to come to terms with the reality of her husband’s sudden demise. She spent the entire night crying, especially because her husband was new to the village and was unfamiliar with everyone, including Ratchaphon.

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Ratchapon’s father, 73 year old Boonmee, stated that Ratchaphon used to be a roving computer teacher in several villages. He later worked in Korea and returned about a year ago to open a barbershop in the village. He was surprised by the incident because both the deceased and his son didn’t know each other and there were no conflicts during the ceremony.

After the lethal fatal stabbing incident, his son drove his pickup truck away from home. He has since lost contact with him. However, he wishes his son would turn himself in as he cannot escape the law.

The Lam Plai Mat police have issued an arrest warrant for Ratchaphon and investigations revealed that he fled through route 219 in Chumphon Buri, Surin Province after the fatal stabbing incident, reported KhaoSod.

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