Thai HIV patient admits having one-night stands with many men

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A Thai woman has taken to social media to confess that she is HIV-positive and engaged in a number of one-night stands with men she met in entertainment venues over the past seven months.

The woman told the public that she felt guilty for what she had done and wanted every man who had sex with her during that time to know the truth and get a health check.

“I debated myself whether or not to speak out and decided to speak out. I am now in my second year of university and started partying in April this year as a coping mechanism for a broken heart. I engaged in one-night stands each time I went out, and what haunts me is the fact that I’ve been living with HIV since birth.

“I feel sorry for the men who had sex with me. Please forgive me. I want to escape somewhere far away. I want to become a monk. I wish to withdraw from the world.”

The woman explained that these men would have wives and children in the future and she did not want to pass HIV on to them. She said she was always on medication but drank a lot of alcohol, which made her symptoms worse. She could no longer drink alcohol because of her condition. She promised never to do it again and to concentrate on her studies.

The woman further disclosed that she frequently visited an entertainment venue near a petrol station and implored any men who had been with her to undergo a health check.

Fake story suspected

According to Channel 3, the story was shared in a Facebook group of students at the university in Thailand’s northeastern province before it was deleted.

Some netizens found the story frightening, while others were confident that the whole story was fake. The woman who shared the story did not reveal her identity, and many unidentified netizens shared similar stories in the comments, making it look suspicious.

A well-known Thai lawyer, Ronnarong Kaewphet, said he did not know whether the story was true or fake, but he could recommend that anyone who had been a victim of this incident could file a lawsuit against the purveyor.

According to the lawyer, patients with HIV or other infectious diseases who deliberately spread the diseases to others could be charged with attempted murder. However, such a case has never been brought before the Thai courts.

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