Courier dispute in Bangkok company leads to stabbing, suspect on the run


A violent altercation between two couriers from a particular company resulted in one man being stabbed and the other fleeing the scene. The conflict arose from an ongoing dispute over job distribution. The courier dispute incident occurred today. Police Captain Pansa Amarapitak, head of Thonglor Police Station, along with the police lieutenant and the deputy head, are overseeing the investigation.

The courier dispute incident was brought to the attention of the Thonglor Police patrol line who were out on duty. They received a report about a serious assault at a building located in Soi Phai Singto, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok. Upon investigation at the crime scene, they discovered an eyewitness who provided critical information about the incident.

The injured party, identified only as Pasakorn, and the assailant, known as Mu, worked together at a specific company. Pasakorn was a courier for the said company, while Mu was a part-time employee occupying a similar position. Prior to the incident, the two had disagreements related to their courier duties.

The courier dispute escalated yesterday, around 9.04am, when an argument broke out inside the first-floor office of the T Hostel building. A superior, identified as Tum, was called to mediate the situation. However, the attempt proved unsuccessful. Pasakorn left the room, after which Mu grabbed a folded knife and stabbed him in the neck. Pasakorn managed to raise his right hand to protect himself, resulting in additional injuries to his right wrist and neck reported KhaoSod.

Following the courier dispute attack, Mu mounted his motorcycle and fled, while Pasakorn was rushed to Theptharin Hospital. The Thonglor Police investigation team is gathering evidence to proceed with legal action against Mu.

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