Man tells police his son was murdered, stuffed in a wardrobe. But was he?

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Police were called to the home where a grizzly murder took place… or did it? In Chachoengsao province, a father claimed his son had been murdered and placed inside a wardrobe in a room of a neighbouring house. When police and rescue teams investigated the case, the situation turned out to be a bit more perplexing.

Earlier today, at around 7am, Suraya Phumivat, deputy inspector of Bang Pakong Police Station, received a report of a person being stabbed to death in an unnumbered room in Bang Pakong, in the central province of Chachoengsao. Upon receiving the report, the police, along with the inspection line and Chachoengsao rescue unit, rushed to the location.

The incident was reported from a single-story prefab room. The scene was discovered by 50 year old Paisan, a man who lived in the room at the end of the row. Paisan explained he had suffered a leg injury caused by his son during an argument.

The man told the police that he had smelled a foul odour emanating from the neighbouring room. When he investigated more closely, peering through the window, the odour grew even stronger. He suspected his son might have been murdered and his body stashed in the wardrobe or the bathroom.

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When the police opened the door to the room, they were indeed hit by a foul smell coming only from the bathroom. But upon opening the bathroom door, no body was found.

Following Paisan’s claim of blood seeping from the wardrobe, the police opened it only to discover nothing inside. This left both the police and rescue teams puzzled.

In discussing with Paisan, he suggested he might have imagined the entire scenario. Individuals acquainted with Paisan revealed that ever since he had a disagreement with his son the previous month, his son had moved to Samut Prakan province and had not returned since.

This led the police to conclude that perhaps there was no murder or any crime at all. Perhaps Paisan might only be experiencing delusions or a decline in mental health.

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