Splash clash: Food delivery rider’s water incident leads to physical assault in Chaing Rai (video)

Photo via Facebook/ อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6.

A food delivery rider physically assaulted a Thai woman on a road in the northern province of Chaing Rai after she reportedly complained he splashed her with water.

A video of when the Grab food delivery rider physically attacked the 40 year old Thai woman, Chanadda Sae-ue, went viral after being shared on Facebook on Friday, August 18. The rider was seen pulling Chanadda’s hair and then slamming her to the ground. A passerby later stepped in to intervene and urged the rider to stop his assault.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, August 17 at 7.40am. From the video, the delivery rider’s motorcycle lacked a registration plate, constituting an additional violation of the law beyond the physical assault itself.

The video was recorded by Chanadda’s 11 year old son. The rider pointed accusingly into the camera and said…

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“You swore at me first! Why do you have to do that, huh? Let’s check my dashcam. You insulted me first!”

Chanadda vehemently denied the rider’s accusation.

I did not swear anything. You splashed water on me and my son. You clearly saw the water, but you did not slow down. I merely shouted, Hey! But you turned towards me, cut me off in front of my motorcycle, and stopped me. Stop the bullsh*t!”

Chanadda later recounted the incident in an interview with ThaiRath, where she revealed the harrowing details of the attack. It occurred when she was taking her son to school before heading to work. She emphasised that her reaction was limited to shouting the word “Hey!” at the rider and that she did not attempt to confront him by stopping her motorcycle.

According to Chanadda, the rider used his helmeted head to strike her and even resorted to choking her during the altercation. Her son reported the issue to the police before recording a video of the attack as evidence. The rider announced that he was not worried about the police because the fine for the physical attack was only 500 baht.

Chanadda stated that it was lucky that a sedan driver (a man in a blue shirt) drove to the spot and managed to intervene.

The reaction of an officer from Mueang Chaing Rai Police Station disappointed Chanadda. The officer initially dismissed her complaint saying the incident was just a heated dispute and she should not file a complaint.

Chanadda disagreed with the officer and wants justice. She told the police that she had been physically assaulted. The officer recorded her complaint but has not yet processed any legal charge against the rider.


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